Welcome to Central Florida Lewy Body

Our Mission

We provide people living with Lewy Body Dementia and their care partners and families with support, education, and resources while building relationships with healthcare professionals to foster early diagnosis and treatment.

Our welcome extends beyond Central Florida to the entire state, national, and global communities.

Orange TV – Active Lifestyles interviewing Sue Bouder, Executive Director, CF Lewy Body

CF Lewy Body’s Story

In loving memory of Rig and his faithful companion Cooper.

The Power of ONE Request

It’s “thanks” to Rig that CF Lewy Body exists. One day, on his back deck along with his companion dog Cooper, Rig mentioned to me that he and his wife wished for a support group specific to Lewy Body Dementia. My response? “Let’s do it!”

And so, in early 2016, began an initial once a month support group meeting, offering support to BOTH those diagnosed with LBD and their care partners. At the time, the inclusion of those diagnosed was unique to most other LBD support groups across the country.

Then came the 2020 pandemic, with its isolation and lack of stimulation. For CF Lewy Body, this became the fertile ground for exponential growth. None of us could have imagined, in 2016, the possibilities about to emerge. Thanks to the Zoom platform, one in-person group per month quickly grew to SIX meetings a month – blending support, education, and the arts.

Our community and statewide collaborations continue to gain momentum, with expanding excellence in professionally-led educational presentations and in creative community collaborations. As in-person meetings resume, CF Lewy Body will continue to meet online, welcoming members both near and far.

So, “thanks”, Rig for your single request that has set in motion a widespread LBD support presence here in Central Florida and beyond!

With much love & appreciation, here in Orlando –


Sue Bouder

Executive Director, CF Lewy Body