About Sue

As Executive Director of CF Lewy Body, Sue works creatively & passionately with people, across the state of Florida and beyond. She offers a genuine presence of compassion, an openness to learning from clients, and joy in resourcing families affected by Lewy Body Dementia. She is dedicated to mutual discovery of what brings vitality to life, in the midst of LBD challenges.

And she genuinely loves the many members she feels privileged to serve.

Throughout the years, Sue has specialized in “mind-body-spirit” education and support services, focusing on cognitive health and quality of life enhancement, since her move to Florida fourteen years ago.

Since 2010, she has worked as Facilitator and Coordinator for the Brain Fitness Academy, also serving as a curriculum specialist and facilitator trainer. Prior work in the Orlando area includes working as Wellness Coordinator for the Cameron Group, an adult care management company; as presenter for Advent Health’s CREATION Health initiative; and as a Brain Care Coach, both privately and for Flourish in Place, a home health care agency. 

An ordained Presbyterian minister, Sue first earned her B.A. in Speech & Hearing from the University of Pittsburgh, with a minor in Psychology, and then her M.Div. from Lancaster Theological Seminary. She received additional training in counseling, holistic modalities, and multi-faith education. From 1980-2008, she worked in churches, hospitals, and clients’ homes – in Lancaster, PA; Charleston, SC; New York City; and Stony Point, NY – creating a unique private practice that blended spiritual support with the nursing modality of Therapeutic Touch, along with an Upledger Institute-trained modality called Heart-Centered Therapy.

Sue is an advocate of multi-disciplinary approaches to healthcare, actively seeking creative partnerships with other care professionals who serve people affected by LBD.